Holiday Lights

Give a unique and meaningful gift to your loved ones or business associates while brightening the lives of homeless women and children. Lights will shine from the First Light building in honor of or in rememberance of someone special through your donation to First Light.

This is a wonderful way for you to honor people who matter to you, and ensure that the women and children here in the shelter know they matter, as well.

Outside copy: A Gift of Joy 

Inside copy:  

​            This gift was given by _____________ and comes with best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

All envelopes will be hand addressed and stamped. Postage and handling included.

Complete this form telling us if your gift is made in someone's HONOR or in MEMORY of a family member, friend or friend's loved one. Then be sure to tell us to whom we should mail the greeting card. Our staff will HAND ADDRESS and STAMP a greeting card for each recipient you list below.

Holiday Lights card

Holiday Lights Card

Front of the card that will be sent to your loved ones or business associates

This gift is from

If you are only making a donation and do not wish for any cards to be sent, you may skip the "order" section. If you DO want any greeting cards sent, please fill out the "order" section in its entirety.

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Order #2
Additional Orders
(For example: If you want to honor ten people with $25 each, you might add $250 here.)
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